Good Bye.You know, we can meet again!


I parted from the family of Tinca today. 

It came to Chiang Mai, and met this family on the 2nd, and passed the face to 1 in all clue almost every day. 

Although it was as expected, while the big hole has been vacant to the heart, blog is written now. 

It is that a big hole is vacant to the heart in the tendency for something to say that Sung-tea is unsatisfactory, or to brood over it after parting from you who were first able to meet also fortunately in each country in South Korea. 

But it is the touch shocked from such a thing this time. 

this is also the power of a child like Tinca -- it is also because Pat treated me like a son. 

All will be taught, if an every morning really delicious meal may be cooked and may not be known. 

Pass together every day, and talk and laugh. 

Father's Miki is been very kind from the first meeting, and also serves the dish which Pat which is a wife cooked to my plate, saying "Probably, the belly is made empty." 

Occasionally English is taught and, also then, it explains carefully. 

And Tinca. 

if she goes home as she was calling me "brother ryo". 

 " Ryo can be met tomorrow?" " When ryo comes out? it said every day, "I would like to meet ryo and early" it had touched like its younger sister.

The time of being together with Tinca which are not understood since it is not parents did time to value more than anything at extreme happiness. 

I wished to be more nearly together than what kind of great man with it being true rather than the person of what kind of nationality. 

The inside of head fellows' tour also actually considered the thing of Tinca. 

It is to like to play early. 

in which this is experiencing virtually the feeling that parents think of a child -- I consider. 

It had no doubt, when it was with these three persons, and it was trusted from the bottom of its heart. 

Therefore, also while also depositing valuables, it was. 

I would also like for this family to have good relations and to have such a family. 

Since it also resembled the atmosphere of the parents' home very, it was able to settle down from the bottom of the heart. 

I was able to talk freely and asked him to teach many things anyhow. 

the thing of Christian, the thing of Thailand, the thing of Romania, a family's thing, and the thing of encounter -- full.

Many conversation was carried out anyhow. 

even now -- the second family -- I consider. 

The shocking feeling is more larger than lonely when you think in me "it cannot meet any longer" to three persons who were big, big existences. 

They are fellows as I already separate rapidly "distance" and "the day which can meet the next" from this family as だ. 

For a Japanese family, although approached, the day which meets is [ this family ] as it separates. 

therefore, it does not understand in that which is said why -- the feeling which can be made into a thing how was large. 

Also while he was waiting for Buss who goes to Bankok, if I was rich, it was returning absolutely. 

But I meet again with this family absolutely. 

Various things are done only for that and it has performed no return. 

Kindness is returned absolutely. 

He promised that it would certainly be met again. 

I would like to see signs that Tinca grew above all. 

It or after America's carrying out, it would come together and return to Chiang Mai once again, or thinks seriously. 

It becomes somehow in money etc. 

I would like to meet Tinca. 

I would like to eat the dish of Pat. 

I would like to learn many things from Miki. 

although it is already separated now -- the voice of Tinca -- it certainly turns toward the uncanny high voice which can be heard from somewhere since it was high -- carrying out -- Tinca -- I will think whether it is absent. 

I am as lonely as it. 

I would like to meet. 

It treated to boiled rice every morning. 

It treated to fruit. 

The school was looked for desperately, and was found, and it negotiated, and had an experience which is not again. 

Great support was carried out during session. 

The talk was told in large numbers. 

When the expense of the motorbike was probably wasteful, gasoline was made full and the motorbike was lent. 

It went to the bus stop by motorbike, also when Buss's cheapest ticket was taught, it acted as interpreter, and all were done. 

Even by Market, the walk of night, etc. having deleted the family's time, they were taken. 

It always tried to pay money. 

When there were some problems, it acted as interpreter and solved. 

When hearing some, not less than 100% of answer was taken out. 

It negotiated for the price to tuktuk at the time of separation of the last. 

Tinca was deposited when Pat and MIki went out by two persons. 


I was glad to see u gays.and i was happy everyday.

Pat, MIiki, Tinca. 

Thank you very much. 


“We can meet again!”


(Oh...Bad English...)








そしてティンカ。彼女は僕のことを"brother ryo"(お兄ちゃんのりょう)と呼んでくれてたみたいで、家に帰ると明日はryoと会える?ryoはいつ出るの?ryoと早く会いたいと毎日言ってたみたい。僕もそんな彼女が本当に愛おしくて、自分の妹のように接していた。







































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  • #1

    Miki (木曜日, 08 12月 2011 13:07)

    Ryo-san, it was very nice to meet you; you are a special boy.
    May the Lord bless you and guide you on your way!

  • #2

    tsuriboy (木曜日, 08 12月 2011 19:12)

    Thanks!me too!i miss u guys!
    i pray for ur happy everyday!